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Allama Iqbal open university is a simple and easy way to receive you are education degree through the online system. Or Allama Iqbal university is also meant to receive yours are education degree at home. In Pakistan, Allama Iqbal university is the first Education system that provides you a source of study at you are Home.

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Allama Iqbal opens university and passes out many of the students every year. These all the students study at home and just attend the test at the Allama Iqbal university campuses.
You can also join you are subject in Allama Iqbal university and start a journey of your are dreaming Degree.

Allama iqbal open university

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These types of Education systems provide you the best benefits at that time when you are also an employer of any organization. Through this way, you can also get you are next degree and not worried about managing the class time during Job. Many of the Person is worried about the Degree during the job. So, it's the best service for those people who want to Master of next degree for Job Premonition or the best career.

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Because with Allama Iqbal university you are degree also verified with the Higher Education system in Pakistan. It means you have also not worried about any fake degree.
When you Completed you are degree. You are Degree Certificate dispatch at you are home address.

Allama Iqbal open university Courses

Allama Iqbal university currently Providing all the courses of study in Pakistan. You can receive admission in Allama Iqbal university Matric to Ph.D. programs. Its means you can also apply for an intermediate or bachelor's or master's program at this university.
It is totally an online system you do have not to worry about anything. And you can receive all the details about any Subject on the website portal.

Allama iqbal open university Study Process

First of All, you have to apply for admission to Allama Iqbal university online or you can apply for admission from any typing center in Pakistan. After the Admission confirmation, you are books and other syllabus dispatches at you are home address. And you can also check you are book's status with the online website portal.

Moreover, Before applying for admission, you have also to pay the fees of admission which is also called the challan of applying fees in Allama Iqbal open university.
After the Fee payment, you have to Collect all the Documents and then register you are self on the Website portal. Where you have to Select you are degrees and give the all basic information on the portal.

All the Study of you are Degree you have to Complete at you are home. After some period you will receive the Home Assignments. These assignments are also like homework. Which you have to Complete in the Selected period and also Send back to the Allama Iqbal open university.

Allama iqbal open university Informantion centers

If you need any information about the Degree. If you are facing any barrier to admission. Then you can also visit the Allama Iqbal university campus In you are city. Where you can ask about any type of problem which you are facing.

Moreover, you can also ask about you are books or admission status. The proper staff and employees are always providing you the services on campuses Of Allama Iqbal open university.

Allama Iqbal open university Admission

Allama Iqbal open university admission is also a simple and short process same as its study style. If you are a Fresh Study and want admission to Allama Iqbal open university. Firstly you have to select you are a degree where you want to continue your study.

After that, you have to complete all the requirements as per the given interactions. It's not Hard to Apply for Allama Iqbal university admission.
Some students do not engage information to use online services. So, Those students can get help from the typing centers in Pakistan. These typing centers you can be found in every city of Pakistan.

Allama Iqbal opens university admission based on two programs which are also interactions by the Higher education of Pakistan. You can apply for the Allama Iqbal university admission during this Program Period any Guidelines.

  • Autumn Semester.
  • Spring Semester.

In these two Semesters, you can apply for you are Allama Iqbal university Admission. These both semester is also based on different guidelines which you can read here.

Antumn Semester Allama iqbal open university Admission

  • Antumn Semester Allama iqbal open university Admission
  • Start and End Admissions 1 5 July 4 Sep.
  • Mailing Required Details Date 1stSep To 30 Oct.
  • The Months of Study Start 1st November to 28thFeb.
  • Exams of You are Current Course Date 1st Mar to 31 March.
  • All the Course Result Declare on 15 May.

Autumn Semester Program you can Apply for Allama Iqbal university Admission Day of 15 July to the day of 4 September. After this date, all the files and admission requests are rejected. Moreover, if you failed the payment of the fee during these days. You are application will also be rejected.
Mailing the Documents and another Study information date is 1 Sep to 30 Oct.
And after these processes, the complete next step comes which is the Study period and Allama Iqbal university Admission confirmation next step is also the study period which is 1st Nov to 28th Feb.

When you are studying period competed the next step comes which is also too hard means the Exams. And Allama Iqbal open university Exams start 1st Mar to 31st March. After the Exams are complete with good skills you are Exams Result will Come on 15th May. On this day you can check you are past or Fail.

Spring Semester Allama Iqbal open university Admission

  • Spring Semester Allama Iqbal open university Admission.
  • The Spring Date of Admission Start from 15thJan to 20 Feb.
  • Information and Details of Mailing date 1st March to 30 April.
  • Spring Study Period Start Form 1st May to 31stAug.
  • Exams of Spring period Start 1stSep to 30thSep.
  • The Final Results of Exams Pass out on 15th November.

If you Miss the First Semester Allama Iqbal open university Admissions then you can also apply for the Spring semester. In this Semester you have to also complete the same process as the like autumn semester.

Moreover Other Details for the example Allama Iqbal open university Admissions Date or study Period you can check Here. The Spring Allama Iqbal open university Admission starts from 15th January to 20 Feb During these days you can apply for Admission.

Otherwise, the Malling of you are documents and other details start from 1st March to 30 April. After this period the Study Period start which is from 1st May to 31st August. And you are Exams will be starting from 1st Sep to 30 Sep. After this you are results will become on 15th Nov.

Allama Iqbal open university Admissions Programs BA or BS with B ed-MA-MSc Moreover On Distance Learning Mode and Equivalent Degrees.

  • Details of Autumn Semester Details of Spring Semester.
  • Admission Of Students Starts 1st September To 15th October End date of Admissions. Admission Spring
  • Students 1st March 15th April.
  • Mailing of Requirements Documents Starts 16th October and End.
  • 15th December. Mailing Students Details 16th April 15th June.
  • Select Methods of Study Period Sllaybs Study16th December to 15th April Study Period of Sllaybs 16th June.
  • 15th October.

Current Degree Exams Exams held During 16th April To 31st May End. Exams Held 16th October 30th November,
Result Show on 15th July Result Day. Result Day 15th January.

BS/MA/MSc (Face to Face Mode) and MPhil/Ph.D. Programs in Allama Iqbal open university

  • Autumn Semester Spring Semester.
  • Admission 16th July to 19th August(04 Weeks) Admission 16th January to 14th February(04 Weeks).
  • Test/Interview.

Enrollment For Allama Iqbal open university

  • Finalization 20th August to 25th August(01 Week)
  • 1st Merit list: 28th August (Morning).
  • Dues/Fee: 2nd September.
  • 2nd merit list: 3rd September.
  • Dues/Fee: 6th September.
  • 3rd merit list: 9th September.
  • Dues/Fee: 11th September Test/Interview

Enrollment  in Allama Iqbal open university

  • Finalization 17th February to 24th February(01 Week)
  • 1st Merit list   24th February
  • 2nd Merit list   27th February
  • 3rd Merit list   2nd March

Study Period in Allama Iqbal open university

  • Workshop 16th September to 3rd January (16 Weeks) Study Period.
  • Workshop 03rd March to 23rd June (16 Weeks).
  • Examination 6th January to 18th January (02 Weeks) Examination 24th June to 06th July (02 Weeks).
  • Result Declaration 25th January Result Declaration 15th July.


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